Japan Ghost House in World Guinness Book of Records

This Ghost House has been recognized by World Guinness Book of Records as the most scariest Ghost House. This is situated in a big, old, torn down hospital.

Different from the other Ghost House, here don't have fixed route, travelers can walk freely. This is the real experience, and the designer really put in his all effort to design the dungeon and traps, just for the aim to scare you close to death. The ghost and lighting effects are made in super scary and real, a lot of traps and doors for you to open personally, so that you can experience the darkness and scary. A lot of workers act as ghosts and corpses will do some 'small movements' in the corners. The makeup and constume have a standard of movie grade.

History of Hospital
The hospital which originally situated below Fuji Mountain once was a very big hospital. It has proffesional doctors and facilities. Later the head and a few hospital staffs start to take away the fresh organs of the patients who came here to do surgery. The organs are put in chemicals and sold away, then the dead bodies are put in big wooden tongs. The victims spirit appear and kill the doctors or something like that... in the end the whole hospital was abandoned. Only 3 people are allowed to enter at once, if you're not lost you still need at least 50 mins to finish exploring, in the rotten and run down patient rooms, what will you see? With just imagine, it is already very horrifying...

Generally the ghost house is an entire two-floor hospital. There aren't any fixed routes. It is definately different from other haunted house that just finish the trip by sitting on little car (or walking) and viewing all the rooms. This is a real ghost house that let all visitors walk without exact route and in your own choice. Of course, there are arrangements for staff with scary props.

From the beginning of atmosphere in the waiting room, to the movie intro of the case, and the photos of specters before the departure, the 10 minutes starting process is full of little episodes, enough to let you forget all this are only the game and unconsciously entering a boundless fear.

Green lighting, nurses exiting hospital with carrying own head, as well as numerous break points of arrested ghosts from time to time, and with one choice among three paths of same destiny, probably there isn't anyone who won't escape from the Hospital with miserably scream finally. In conclusion, this is a thrilling zone that could injure the female students' hand which holding the male students' hands that get wet in sweating; in addition to bring one's blind 'see with sound', screaming, rapid sprints, and other personal potential into full play...

There are also few Help Stads in hospital, which provided for those who can not stand or lost, the staff in charge will bring you out from here.

This is strongly recommended. If you tempted, please do not miss the Fujikyu maze. This is definitely the best facility of spending money to abuse oneself. A Japanese friends was asked after this, he said his friend that had been ther was shoring only three minutes to go from out of .. (from the entrance)


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