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Eye illusion (1) - moving

Stare at the blinking pink dots, you will see only one color, pink.
If you look at the the + in the center, you'll see a circle of pink dots and a rotating green dot.
But, if you stare at the + without moving your eyes, the pink dots will disappear and you will see only a rotating green dot.
It's amazing how our brain works.
There really is no green dot and the pink ones don't really disappear.

There is no spiral motion.

There is no spiral motion.

How many dots have you found?

Another static picture.

Tire Spiral.

Those circulars are moving around?

Wave moving.

The boats are in fact not moving.

New Skill of Credit Card Fraud

Card Holders Please Read
Just received an email, I think that I should share with you all.The story is as following: This is the true experience of my colleague and myself during last Saturday. We went to a restaurant during tea time, consumed roughly only dozens of dollars, she used his credit card to swap the payment. But when she was signing the printed receipt, she felt those receipts were much thicker than it used to be. Then she looked more onto it and found that there was another different receipt below of the one she was signing while the amount is several hundred dollars (the waiter deliberately used stapler to set two receipt together). Should be aware that the receipts are all single-Carbonless Paper, and she just need to sign the toppest receipt, those below will automatically printed her signature. Even if fraud was found after that, we will never can find a reason to argue because it is autographed by our own signture. How terrible it is! Fortunately, my colleague found o…